Welcome to a World of kites!
The kite culture started over 3000 years ago in China in conenction to religion and mythology. Later the kite became a science tool for meteorologists and atmospheric scientists. In recent times, the kite has been used for military purposes as man lifts, aerial lifts, target board etc. In 1894 the first experiments started with kites as transport traction. Today this principle is applied by kite surfing and kite buggy. Latest development is SkySails, huge kites for large ships that helps moving the ship and thus saving fuel.

In Sjaellands Drageklub there are no restrictions as such, but we deal mostly with 1 lined kites and 2 and 4 lined trick flight.

The development is never stopping. The interest for kites never stops and even Denmark has several annual kite festivals and relatively many kiteflyers.

The ongoing development means that there is always something new happening. Development of new materials and types of kites, both by established manufacturers but also from enthusiastic self-builders. Kites are currently available in all price ranges, and should you get the urge to engage in kite flying, then we can offer a chat about your wishes, so you do not overspend yourselves.

Come, fly with us
As future / potential kite flyer, you do not in principle have to have the wallet out of his pocket. Come and fly with us when we go out. Sjaellands Drageklub owns some kites, and once you have proven your skills, many of the members often let you try their kites. So, you do not have to engage in expensive impulse purchases before you have decided what is your favorite area.

Where can you find us

We are flying all year round, usually by Dragoer Fort. In addition we participate in several kite festivals and events at Romoe, Fanoe, Kattegat, Blokhus, Moen and of course at Eremitagen etc. You can also simply just have a look or get some advice, if you do not want to be involved in something right away.

Come and join us

We are Building kites throughout the year, but especially during Winter the sewing machines are heavy loaded. The members of the association who are interested, meet several times a year for workshops, where we build our projects, exchange ideas and experiences, or doing a joint project where we all make the same kite or just socializing with other kite-mad people. In summer, you just look for our banner. Come by for a chat if you are interested in the association.

In addition to the activities mentioned above, we have some side activities at the association. For example, there are active travel participation from the association for various festivals and workshops around the world (China, India, USA, Norway, etc.). We also establish contact when media' or cultural / corporate events are in the need for kite flyers.

Facts about Sjaellands Drageklub
We are an association for all kite interested, however, primarily covering Zealand (though we have members from all over the country).
We are around 30 active members.

Visit us at our website where the blog will be updated with what we are doing. The website also has a calendar with flying days, festivals, workshops, etc.



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