Statutes of Sjaellands Drageklub

§ 1
The name of the associaion is "Sjaellands Drageklub".
The seat of the association is Roedovre commune.

§ 2
Its aim is to propagate and maintain awareness of the kite sport through joint flight, training, workshops, and kite festivals.

§ 3
Any person interested in kites have access to the membership of the association. By joining the association the member allows the member data to be published for other members of the association. Publication of member data outside the association is not allowed.

§ 4
The annual general meeting shall be held each year before the end of February. Notification will be made with 3 weeks' notice by sending an e-mail and publication in "SJDK medlemsomraade" in the forum. The notice shall include an agenda. Member's proposal to be discussed at the general meeting shall be delivered to the Board no later than 2 weeks before the meeting. The proposals should be published no later than one week before the meeting by notice in the "SJDK medlemsomraade" in the forum.

§ 5
The agenda of the annual general meeting include the following points:
1. Election of conductor.
2. Directors' report on the association's activities.
3. Presentation and approval of the financial statements.
4. Election of the chairman.
5. Election of vice-chairman.
6. Election of treasurer.
7. Election of two board members.
8. Election of substitutes.
9. Election of accountant.
10. Proposals from members.
11. Fixing of contingent.
12. Others.

§ 6
Extraordinary general meetings may be convened whenever the Board deems it necessary, or at least 25% of the members request it. Such a general meeting is convened with the same notice as the annual general meeting.

§ 7
The general assembly shall make its decisions by a simple majority, but at least 2/3 of the members present voting for any statutory changes. The conductor decides how the vote should take place. If at least 50% of the members present so requires, a written vote can be held. If there are equal numbers of votes for and against a resolution, the proposal is not adopted. At election of members to trusts in the association, it will in the event of a tie be settled by a draw.

§ 8
The accounts of the association is audited by an accountant elected by the annual general meeting. The accountant shall retire each year. They may be reelected. The financial year of the association is the calendar year.

§ 9
The association is managed by a board of five members who are elected for 2 year terms. They may be reelected.
The board consists of a chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer and 2 board members. The chairman is elected in odd years, vice-chairman and treasurer are elected in even years. A board member is up for election in even years and the other board member is elected in odd years. In addition to the five members, at least one substitute is elected. The substitute is elected for 1 year.
Where a member is permanently or for a longer period is prevented from performing his duties, the substitute will enter the board. The substitute is not called upon because a member is unable to attend a single meeting.
Only members of the association are selectable as chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer and board members.
Board meeting is convened by the chairman or, in his absence the vice-chairman, or on the request of two board members.
Board has a quorum when the chairman or vice-chairman and at least two board members are present. Decisions are taken by the attending board members by a simple majority. Equality of votes, the chairman or in his absence, the vice-chairman has the casting vote.

§ 10
The association is signed by the chairman and the treasurer or ny two other members of the board.
The treasurer and the chairman have web access to the account of the association.

§ 11
If a dispute arises between the association and one or more of its members and the dispute can not be settled by negotiation, the matter may be brought before the courts, but shall be settled by arbitration. The same applies if a dispute arises between two members on issues relating to their position as members of the association.
The tribunal shall consist of 2 arbitration men, where each party nominates one, and an umpire to be appointed by the arbitrators. If they can not agree on an umpire, this will be appointed by the judge in the judicial district where the association has its seat.

§ 12
The association may be dissolved by a resolution at a general meeting of which at least 2/3 of the members are present. If this number is not present, the decision to dissolve can be taken on a new general meeting convened with 14 days notice, no later than 2 months after the first, and whatever the number of members present.
If the association by dissolution own property, be it money, movable or immovable property, such funds - after all liabilities have been settled - will be transferring to another organization or institution related its purposes.

§ 13
Due date for the contingent is the 1. of February.
The payment must always be applied by member number.
By non-payment a reminder will be sent out by e-mail and you will then have 14 days to pay the contingent.
If no further happens the member's work in the association will repeal without further notice.
Members who have not paid this year's quota has neither the right to vote or speak at the general meeting.
By signing up to the association after 1. of October the contingent will also apply for the following year.
Members under 18 years pay no contingent and pensionists are half Price.

Membership for the periode 1.1 – 31.12 DKK. 100.-
Pensionist membership for the periode 1.1 – 31.12 DKK. 50.-
Members under 18 years pay no contingent.

Roedovre, the 23. of January 2010

Reviewed the 09. of Marts 2014



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